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Best Gifts for Coffee Lovers: The AeroPress Gift Guide

Here's a one-stop shop for all your gifting needs for the coffee lover in your life! We've got you covered from bundles all the way down to accessories.

There are all kinds of coffee lovers out there - and all of them need gifts. What are some must-have coffee gifts? We’re so glad you asked! Skip browsing Amazon or Williams Sonoma and read on to find the best gifts for coffee lovers with the perfectly-curated AeroPress gift guide!

We’ve broken out our gift guide into interest categories to make it easy for you to match your gift-giving to your giftee’s lifestyle. We’ve also listed items out by price point for a budget-focused approach. It’s great to have options, whether you’re holiday shopping or picking up a birthday gift.

AeroPress Original wrapped up in holiday wrapping paper

Table of contents:

Best Gifts for Aspiring Home Baristas

We all have our favorite local cafes, but too many trips can really add up over time. Know someone who wants to make their own lattes, Japanese iced coffee and other drinks at home? Help them outfit a great coffee bar at home with all the equipment they need - they'll just need to add their favorite roaster’s coffee beans.

Woman with orange sweater holding pumpkin spice latte

Bundles of Gadgets for Coffee Lovers

If the coffee lover in your life is starting from scratch at home, gift them a starter pack bundle to start them off on the right foot. These bundles of accessories for coffee lovers are curated to give them a great brewing experience even if they’re brand-new to brewing at home - or just want to give drip coffee makers, Bialetti moka pots, Chemexes, and Breville espresso makers a miss.

AeroPress Clear and Flow Control Filter Cap next to mug of rich coffee

Start their mornings off right with the AeroPress Original & Flow Control Filter Cap bundle or the AeroPress Clear and Flow Control Filter Cap bundle. Our coffee makers pair perfectly with the AeroPress Flow Control Filter Cap in bundles that maximize control over the brewing process, making them the ultimate starter packs for the aspiring home barista.

For those who want want a gift set that allows them to easily brew and serve a variety of delicious coffee drinks, our AeroPress Original & Carafe bundle or AeroPress Clear & Carafe bundle are a perfect fit.

AeroPress XL coffee maker in AeroPress Organizer Stand on kitchen counter

And for those who could use a little help tidying their kitchen countertops, our Organizer Stand bundles are the perfect solution. The AeroPress Clear & Organizer Stand bundle gives them not just a beautiful coffee maker, but also the perfect stand to display it. With the AeroPress XL & Organizer Stand bundle, they can use the taller stanchion in the AeroPress Organizer Stand to accommodate the AeroPress XL coffee maker and keep accessories and filters in their place. And with the AeroPress Original & Organizer Stand bundle, they can make four styles of coffee all in about a minute, then store the AeroPress Original in the stand for easy access.

Individual Items

For the finishing touch to their home coffee bar, get them one of these great coffee gifts.

Different coffee drinks brewed by an AeroPress Original coffee maker

If all they need is a coffee maker, give them a way to make a whole coffee shop’s worth of beverages without an espresso machine: the AeroPress Original coffee maker. The AeroPress Original makes a range of flavorful coffee drinks including regular coffee, iced coffee, and espresso style coffee for use in lattes and cappuccinos. (It even functions as a cold brew coffee maker, making cold brew style coffee in just two minutes.) It comes with its own coffee scoop and stirrer, so it has everything they’ll need to start brewing.

Another great option for hot water is the Fellow Stagg EKG Electric Kettle. Whether they’re brewing with an AeroPress coffee maker or making pour-over coffee, they’ll thank you for the to-the-degree temperature control and the precise pouring offered by the gooseneck kettle spout. The included 1200-watt base heats water quickly, freeing up their stovetop. Plus, the built-in brew stopwatch helps them adjust their pouring to the second.

Fellow Grinder

They’ll also need one of the best coffee grinders to make sure they’re dialing in their perfect morning cup. The Fellow Ode Brew Burr Grinder has a choice of professional-grade flat burrs and 31 grind settings for perfectly customized ground coffee. Plus, it’s a statement piece that looks beautiful on any countertop while remaining compact enough not to crowd the counter. Splurge on your favorite coffee lover with this state-of-the-art grinder.

The AeroPress Carafe allows for easy brewing and serving and is made of beautiful crystal-clear shatterproof Tritan(TM). The AeroPress Organizer Stand helps keep their their AeroPress Clear, Original or XL coffee maker and accessories together and at their fingertips. And the AeroPress Flow Control Filter Cap allows for complete control of their brewing, so they can brew a cup exactly to their liking.

Third Wave Water Classic Profile being added to water bottle

Almost 99% of brewed coffee is made up of water, making good-tasting water a critical component of brewed coffee’s flavor. But water itself is often forgotten in the quest for the perfect cup of coffee. Third Wave Water offers various formulas with special mineral balances that are optimized for different styles of coffee. With formulas for espresso brewing, dark roasts and more, these water additives help precision brewers nail their perfect cup of coffee - all it takes is one pouch and some distilled water.

For the perfect stocking stuffer during the holidays, consider a coffee canister to keep their ground beans or whole beans fresh, or a milk frother for the perfect froth to top your favorite home barista’s coffee creations. A sampler of beans from their favorite coffee roasters (or even a coffee subscription to a coffee club) are a great option to pair with an AeroPress coffee maker.
Pouring water into AeroPress Go by lake

Best Gifts for Outdoor Enthusiasts and Athletes

Whether they’re camping, fishing, RVing or traveling to the next big game, athletes and outdoor enthusiasts need options for delicious coffee while they’re away from home. The AeroPress Go travel coffee maker gives them a great way to make rich, delicious coffee quickly and easily no matter where they are. All they’ll need is coffee beans and water.
AeroPress stainless steel reusable filter in filter cap next to AeroPress Original
For an outdoor-friendly filter option, pick up the AeroPress Go, Stainless Steel Filter, and Flow Control Filter Cap bundle. They can control every aspect of the brewing process, keep their ecological footprint light, and enjoy delicious, full-bodied coffee on a mountaintop, in their favorite Airbnb, or wherever life takes them.

For the perfect on-the-go coffee grinder, the VSSL Java manual burr grinder will help them take a high-quality coffee experience anywhere they go. It’s incredibly durable and portable and can grind whole beans for a range of brewing methods from Bodum French press to coffee machines to pour-over. The signature lever has two functions: as a handle that can be clipped onto a backpack or duffel bag, and also as an extendable crank to help with easy rotation. Taking 60 seconds to grind 20 grams of coffee, it will help them make coffee quickly so they can get back to their adventures.

Give them full brew control on the go with the AeroPress Go and Flow Control Filter Cap bundle. The AeroPress Go travel coffee maker quickly and easily brews a variety of delicious coffee drinks anywhere they are, then packs up neatly in the included mug for mess-free travel, while the AeroPress Flow Control Filter Cap stops drip through and allows full control of the brewing process for a cup of joe that’s perfectly tailored to their taste. Whether working, traveling, or adventuring outdoors, this bundle has them covered!
AeroPress Carafe with AeroPress Original coffee maker and woman pouring water

Best Coffee Gifts for Creatives

The AeroPress Original coffee maker itself offers an incredible outlet for creativity. Its flexible nature allows creative home brewers to tweak all kinds of brewing variables from water temperature to steep time for a cup that’s unique to their specific tastes. Gift them an AeroPress Original for a coffee brewing experience that’s as creative as they are.

Coffee shouldn’t just taste beautiful - it should look beautiful too. Help coffee connoisseurs serve their guests beautifully with a shatterproof AeroPress Carafe. This crystal-clear Tritan™ carafe turns coffee brewing into a visual spectacle - no more ceramic mug hiding their brew. Bonus: they can brew directly into it with their AeroPress coffee maker!

Gift your favorite creative type with something to add a little flair to their brewing process. Pick from four fun colors and give them an AeroPress Decorative Sleeve that matches their personality. There’s an option for the on-the-go creative too - gift them an AeroPress Go Decorative Lid, so they can travel with whatever suits their mood for their AeroPress Go travel coffee maker.
AeroPress Clear in Organizer Stand on kitchen counter

When they’re done brewing, they’ll need a place to store their AeroPress Original, Clear, or XL coffee maker. The AeroPress Organizer Stand is a compact, sleek storage solution with compartments for their coffee press, stirrer, filter cap, and paper filters, which makes it ideal for keeping home and office countertops and cabinets neat.

For a cute stocking stuffer with a personal touch, find a creative coffee-themed handmade item on Etsy or another similar site. You can also get them a beautiful double-wall clear glass mug so that they can enjoy the appearance of their coffee.

Using AeroPress Go travel coffee maker next to suitcase

Best Gifts for Road Warriors and Leisure Travelers

Maybe your favorite coffee drinker spends more time in the car, train or New York subway than they do at home. Make sure your Road Warrior or Leisure Traveler has everything they need for a delicious cup of coffee anywhere around the world, whether they’re exploring the Italian Alps or relaxing in their favorite Airbnb.

Brewing with AeroPress Go travel coffee maker in a van

The AeroPress Go travel coffee maker packs up neatly in its own mug for a compact and lightweight way to brew coffee in a hotel room, office kitchen, or anywhere that isn’t their home kitchen. They’ll brew and sip, then pack up and go to head back out on the road in no time. Bundle it with an AeroPress stainless steel reusable filter and an AeroPress Flow Control Filter Cap so they can completely control the brewing process and won’t have to remember to bring paper filters with them.

Help them match their AeroPress Go travel coffee maker to their unique vibe with AeroPress Go Decorative Lids. These lids come in a range of eight solid colors and patterns, so you can help them bring some color to their travel brewing routine!

Travel Cup

Brewing the best coffee is half the battle - they also need a way to enjoy it on the go. It can be difficult to find the best mugs for coffee lovers, but the Fellow Carter Move is the perfect travel mug no matter where they go. Slim enough to fit in most car cup holders, it’s designed to amplify the sensory experience of drinking coffee while being durable enough to withstand travel. It includes a snap-in splash guard to keep coffee drinking neat even while they’re on the move.

Travel Case

To transport all of their coffee paraphernalia, get them the Basal Coffee Traveller. It’s designed to fit multiple coffee gadgets - coffee beans, a coffee maker, even a coffee mug - so that people on the move can make good coffee wherever they go. The included internal dividers help keep items separate by default, but they can be removed for greater flexibility. The Traveller is lightweight, but it has a rigid spine that provides enhanced protection and structure. It’s also fully padded to protect their coffee setup.

For a great stocking stuffer, get them a set of durable reusable straws that will enhance their hot or cold coffee drinking - whether it’s a specialty cold brew or a Vietnamese coffee.

 Students studying with AeroPress Go travel coffee maker

Best Coffee Gifts for Students

There’s nothing more important to college and grad students than coffee, but due to budget and time constraints, they often end up depending on instant coffee. A great cup of coffee is just the boost they’ll need to make it through a long night of studying. Make sure they’ve got a great setup in their dorm or apartment so that they can stay caffeinated while still enjoying what they’re drinking!
AeroPress XL and carafe pouring two cups of coffee

The AeroPress XL coffee maker has twice the capacity of our other coffee makers, but is still compact enough to slip easily into a backpack to travel with them anywhere, whether it’s their tiny home kitchen or off on an adventure with friends. Bundle it with a replacement pack of AeroPress XL Paper Micro-Filters to keep them brewing for their friends through long study sessions!

For a fun stocking stuffer, pick out the perfect AeroPress Decorative Sleeve or AeroPress Go Decorative Lid and help them express their unique personalities.

Gift card graphic showing snowman, mug, AeroPress coffee maker and the phrase Happy Holidays

Maybe the student in your life isn’t sure just what they need yet. Give them the gift of choice with an AeroPress gift card. From AeroPress coffee makers to accessories to a carefully-curated array of companion products from our friends, students will have plenty to choose from.

Coffee Gifts by Price Range

To help with your budgeting, we’ve broken out our gift guide so that you can find the perfect gifts for coffee aficionados by price range.

Gifts Under $100

  1. The Brewista Smart Scale II: Help them simplify the science behind precision coffee brewing with this incredibly accurate and easy-to-use scale.
  2. AeroPress Clear & Flow Control Filter Cap bundle: So they can enjoy the brewing process even more with a clear sight into their coffee and peace of mind from full brew control.
  3. AeroPress Clear & Carafe bundle: So they can watch every step of their coffee brewing journey as it happens.
  4. AeroPress Clear & Organizer Stand bundle: They’ll brew the best coffee they’ve ever tasted with the crystal-clear, shatterproof AeroPress Clear, then keep everything neatly organized with the AeroPress Organizer Stand.
  5. AeroPress XL & Organizer Stand bundle: So they can make even more delicious coffee while keeping their countertop footprint tidy and organized with this bundle.
  6. AeroPress XL & Paper Filters bundle: The AeroPress XL gives will give them the same delicious flavor as the AeroPress Original with twice the capacity. With the extra pack of filters, they’ll be brewing coffee for every neighbor and delivery driver who stops by.
  7. AeroPress Go & Flow Control Filter Cap bundle: The AeroPress Go travel coffee maker is tough enough for any setting and compact enough to fit in a duffel bag or suitcase. Pairing it with the AeroPress Flow Control Filter Cap stops drip through and allows full control of the brewing process for a cup that’s perfectly tailored to their taste.
  8. AeroPress Go & Flow Control Filter Cap & Stainless Steel Filter bundle: Now they can control every aspect of the brewing process, keep their ecological footprint light, and enjoy delicious, full-bodied coffee on a mountaintop, in their favorite Airbnb, or wherever life takes them.
  9. AeroPress Original & Flow Control Filter Cap bundle: With this workhorse set, they’ll brew delicious coffee exactly as they want it - American, latte, cold brew, or even espresso style - and turn their kitchen into a cafe.
  10. AeroPress Original & Carafe bundle: For an easy way to brew and serve rich, delicious coffee that’s free of grit (unlike French press coffee).
  11. AeroPress Original & Organizer Stand bundle: Once they’re done brewing delicious, grit-free coffee, they can load the AeroPress Original, filters, and accessories into the AeroPress Organizer Stand for the perfect way to keep their kitchen counter tidy.

AeroPress Go mug next to letter to Santa and holiday lantern

Gifts Under $50

  1. The AeroPress Original coffee maker, AeroPress Clear coffee maker, or the AeroPress Go travel coffee maker: For delicious coffee at home or on the go.
  2. AeroPress Flow Control Filter Cap & Paper Micro-Filters Bundle: For the perfect combination of brew control and cup clarity.
  3. AeroPress Flow Control Filter Cap & Stainless Steel Filter & Paper Micro-Filters bundle: Either filter works with the AeroPress Flow Control Filter Cap to eliminate drip through and completely control the brewing process, but each one produces different flavor profiles (paper is cleaner, while metal is fuller-bodied). Now they can explore the full flavor range of their coffee beans.
  4. AeroPress Flow Control Filter Cap & Stainless Steel Filter bundle: For a richer cup of coffee brewed as quickly or slowly as they’d like.
  5. The Basal Coffee Traveller: For the easiest way to carry their coffee accessories.
  6. The AeroPress Organizer Stand: For a stylish way to store their AeroPress coffee makers, even on the smallest countertops.
Drinking coffee from a mug

Gifts Under $30

  1. The AeroPress Carafe: Combining crystal-clear good looks with durability and functionality, this carafe is the perfect accessory for owners of AeroPress Original and AeroPress Clear.
  2.  AeroPress Flow Control Filter Cap: This innovative accessory uses a pressure-actuated valve to eliminate drip through and maximize control over the brew process. Now they can make espresso-like crema and experiment with coarser-ground coffee.

  3. The Fellow Carter Wide Mug: A coffee mug that they can brew right into with their AeroPress Original or AeroPress Clear! This mug isn’t just durable and travel-friendly, it’s also optimized for the best sensory experience while drinking.

  4. The Fellow Carter Move Mug: For those who need a car-friendly coffee tumbler, the Carter Move Mug has a slim design that can fit into most car cup holders.

Assortment of Go Decorative Lids in orange topo, camo, blue marble and ombre

Gifts Under $20

  1. Third Wave Water: Start them out with the best water for brewing the best coffee. Choose from the Classic profile (great for beginners), the Espresso profile (optimized for espresso), or the Dark Roast profile (best for dark-roasted coffee beans). Now they can hold a coffee tasting party!

  2. AeroPress Stainless Steel Reusable Filter: So your loved one can brew rich, full-bodied coffee with their AeroPress Original, Go or Clear coffee maker. This metal filter is the perfect travel companion and packs up neatly inside the AeroPress Go mug.

  3. AeroPress Go Decorative Lids: With bold colors and vibrant patterns, AeroPress Go Lids let them personalize their AeroPress Go while keeping everything secure when they’re on the move.

  4. AeroPress Decorative Sleeves: With four fun colors, choose a sleeve for them to match their mood or their kitchen decor.

  5. AeroPress Travel Filter Holder: Holds up to 20 AeroPress Micro-Filters (or the AeroPress Stainless Steel Filter), making it the perfect size for any adventure! A great stocking stuffer.

  6. 2-Pack of Replacement AeroPress Paper Micro-Filters: There’s nothing worse than running out of filters right when you’re craving another cup. Make sure they’ve got a good stock of filters on hand! (Hint: There’s a 4-Pack available, too!)

AeroPress Original coffee maker on top of holiday ornaments


We hope that this list of great gift ideas for coffee lovers helps you find just the right gift for the coffee aficionado in your life. Whether they’re being their own barista at home, fueling up at work, or brewing a quick cup while off on an adventure, there is something on this list to suit their every need. Delicious coffee is a gift that never goes out of style. Happy brewing!

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