Hands pressing AeroPress Original coffee maker

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How it Works

Make Delicious Coffee with These 3 Simple Steps

Diagram of adding coffee grounds and water to AeroPress chamber

1)  Add coffee and water

Diagram of hand stirring coffee grounds and water in AeroPress chamber

2)  Stir and brew in 10-30 seconds

Diagram of hand pressing AeroPress plunger

3)  Press your perfect cup into a mug

Brewing Basics

Brewing Basics

If you’re new to brewing, keep these tips in mind to make your perfect cup:

Press gently 

Pressing too fast or with too much force compacts the coffee grounds, making it harder to press into your mug 

Grind size

If the water is running through too fast, your grind is too coarse

Trust your taste 

Rather than focusing on brewing in the “right” way, prioritize finding a method that makes coffee you love. If it tastes good, you’re doing it right!

Serve It Your Way

Versatile, portable and customizable—you can easily make hot coffee, cold brew, lattes and more with your AeroPress coffee maker.

A glass containing espresso

Espresso Style

Drink as is

A glass containing black coffee

American Coffee

Add hot water to fill mug

A glass holding a latte


Add hot or cold milk

Glass containing cold brew coffee and ice cubes

Cold Brew

Add ice and cold water

AeroPress Compared to other coffee makers

AeroPress coffee makers beat every other coffee maker, any day

Be it a French press, pour over, or espresso machine, there’s a reason for everyone to own an AeroPress coffee maker:

✔   Smooth (not bitter or gritty)
✔   Quick! A perfect cup in a minute
✔   No cleanup
✔   Best value coffee maker ($)!
✔   Better for the environment
✔   Easy to store/take with you
✔   Made in the USA

The Inverted Method

You can halt drip-through using this more advanced technique.

Hands holding up AeroPress Original and accessories among swirl of water

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