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"My go-to."

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"May be the world's greatest single-cup coffee maker."

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"Amazingly rich, smooth tasting coffee."

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"Makes the flavors sing."

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"The perfect cup."

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"A pretty neat device."

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"The best travel coffee you'll ever brew."

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"Simple, portable design."

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"Makes a very good-and very fast-cup of coffee."

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"Spectacularly good."

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"Some of the best coffee you'll ever taste"

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"Brews perfect coffee every time."

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"Small and portable. Easy cleanup."

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"Delicious coffee in just a minute."

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"Perfect coffee every morning."

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"Makes coffee better, faster."

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"Rich and strong"

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“A world-class cup in about a minute”

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"So good."

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"The best single-cup coffee maker on the market"

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"The ultimate in portable coffee drinking."

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"The best coffee maker I have ever encountered."

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"It's easy to fall in love with the AeroPress."

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"A primo cup in a jiffy."


"Wonderful ... perfect for packing in your carry-on."

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"The perfect cup of coffee."

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"A fresh, tasty pick-me-up."