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An image depicting the AeroPress Go travel coffee press on a mug next to a lid

Announcing the new
AeroPress Go travel coffee press

The AeroPress Go gives you all the great brewing capabilities of the original AeroPress and fuels an active lifestyle by packing up neatly in its own mug for delicious coffee anywhere you go.

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Rich, smooth coffee without bitterness

Remarkably low acidity

Makes 1 to 3 cups in about a minute

Brews American, espresso or cold brew style coffee

Cleans in seconds

Ideal for kitchen, camping and traveling

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Inventor Alan Adler is fielding questions about everything AeroPress!
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Why AeroPress

Total immersion and rapid filtering yield the richest, most flavorful coffee that you have ever tasted.

Our Story

The AeroPress coffee maker was created by Alan Adler, a Stanford University lecturer and inventor of the Aerobie flying ring. Alan holds over 40 patents.

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Here are our insider secrets on how to get the most out of your AeroPress.

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World AeroPress Championship

65 passionate AeroPress enthusiasts who triumphed in their countries' national championships competed in the 12th annual World AeroPress Championship in London to create the world’s best cup of coffee using their favorite brewing method: the AeroPress.


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