Make Cold Brew With Your AeroPress Coffee Maker

Classic Cold Brew

Make cold brew coffee in just two minutes with our go-to recipe!
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The Best Cold Brew Starts Here

Once a niche brewing method, cold brew coffee began showing up on many more cafe menus worldwide around 2015. The cold drink was a hot trend, but people wanted to find a way to make cold brew coffee at home without having to wait for hours. While making cold brew coffee using a cheesecloth or a french press can take 12-24 hours, AeroPress coffee makers can make cold brew in just two minutes using a medium-fine grind coffee and a brisk one-minute stir time. By optimizing the contact between the coffee grounds and water, we are able to efficiently extract those rich and delicious flavors you’re looking for.

Glass of cold brew coffee with milk and ice

Why We Love Cold Brew Coffee

Cold brew coffee often brings out a unique flavor profile that’s sweet and chocolatey. While hot coffee can be highly acidic, cold brew coffee has lower acidity levels and is often less bitter. Those with sensitive stomachs typically find cold brew coffee easier to tolerate.

Glass of cold brew coffee with ice

Watch the Cold Brew Demo

Since 2014, European Coffee Trip has been exploring and documenting the European specialty coffee scene. They also created AeroPress Movie, a documentary that chronicles the invention of the AeroPress Original and the rise of the World AeroPress Championship. Watch their tips on making cold brew coffee with AeroPress coffee makers and get an exclusive cold brew coffee recipe!


Make Iced Coffee With Cold Brew: The Perfect Pick-Me-Up

Let’s get one thing straight—cold brew coffee and iced coffee are two different things. While cold brew is made using a unique brewing process, iced coffee is simply regular coffee served over ice! We love making iced coffee for an energy boost in the afternoon or in the morning during the hotter months. If you’re looking to cut sugar from your diet, iced coffee is a great replacement for drinking soda throughout the day. Drink it with milk, flavorings or your favorite milk alternative—the choice is yours.

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