About AeroPress, Inc.

A one-of-a-kind coffee press, loved around the world

Person in white shirt brewing with the AeroPress Original into a glass mug

Our story

Our company was founded in 1984 as Aerobie, Inc. by inventor and retired Stanford University engineering instructor Alan Adler. For many years we manufactured high performance sport toys, including the Aerobie Pro flying ring, which was used to set a Guinness World Record for farthest thrown object.

Then, in 2004, Alan began studying the brewing process with a simple goal in mind: brew a superior cup of coffee. The AeroPress Original debuted to critical acclaim in 2005, and is now sold in over 60 countries. It has even inspired the World AeroPress Championship, a fan-driven global phenomenon where creative coffee lovers from over 50 countries compete to make the best cup of coffee using their favorite AeroPress recipe.

In 2017 we sold the Aerobie sport toy line and became AeroPress, Inc. Smart design and creativity have always been the heart of what we do, and along with our customers, partners, and the World AeroPress Championship, we are now squarely focused on inspiring even more coffee lovers around the world to revolutionize their coffee routine!

AeroPress inventor Alan Adler sitting among early prototypes of the AeroPress Original coffee maker

Meet the inventor, Alan Adler

Alan Adler has revolutionized a lot of things - he holds over 40 patents! But he’s perfected brewing coffee. And he’s still involved in the business to this day.

Have a pressing question about AeroPress coffee makers? Just ask Alan!