Japanese Iced Coffee Recipe

The Ultimate Guide to Making Japanese Iced Coffee with AeroPress

Japanese iced coffee is a fantastic way to enjoy the complex flavors and aromas of hot brewed coffee in a refreshing, iced format.
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While cold brew is likely the most well-known iced coffee option, the best way to make cold coffee in my opinion is Japanese iced coffee. It takes only minutes and preserves more of the aromatics and delicate flavor notes of a coffee. With the AeroPress making Japanese iced coffee is even more simple.

What is Japanese Iced Coffee?

Japanese iced coffee, also known as flash brew, is a method of brewing coffee directly onto ice. This process rapidly cools the coffee, locking in the bright, vibrant flavors that can sometimes be lost in other cold coffee methods. The result is a refreshing and aromatic iced coffee that maintains the complexity and depth of hot brewed coffee.

What makes Japanese iced coffee stand out is its ability to capture and preserve the coffee's aromatic compounds. Unlike cold brew, which takes hours to steep and often results in a mellow, less dynamic flavor, Japanese iced coffee offers an immediate and robust taste experience. It's an excellent method for those who appreciate the intricate flavors and aromas of high-quality coffee beans. When paired with the AeroPress, it maintains the intricate flavors, but also brings a bit more body to the cup, which pairs perfectly with the iced component.

Frequently Asked Questions About Japanese Iced Coffee

How is Japanese iced coffee different from cold brew or other iced coffee methods?

Japanese iced coffee differs significantly from cold brew and other iced coffee methods in its brewing process and flavor profile. Cold brew involves steeping coffee grounds in cold water for an extended period, typically 12-24 hours. This method produces a smooth, mellow coffee with low acidity. In contrast, Japanese iced coffee is brewed hot and immediately cooled over ice, which preserves the coffee’s bright acidity and complex flavors. This results in a more vibrant and aromatic coffee, offering a taste experience closer to traditional hot coffee but in a chilled form.

Other iced coffee methods, such as brewing a pot of coffee and letting it cool before pouring over ice, often result in a diluted and less flavorful drink. Japanese iced coffee’s quick cooling process ensures that the coffee’s original flavors and aromas are retained.

What is the AeroPress Go Plus and why does it work well for this Japanese iced coffee recipe?

The AeroPress Go Plus is an innovative, travel-friendly coffee maker that combines the functionality of a full-sized AeroPress with the convenience of a compact, portable design. The Go Plus features a Clear AeroPress that fits perfectly into a stainless steel, double-walled tumbler. This tumbler is not only stylish but also practical, with a built-in filter holder, custom-sized scoop and stirrer, and a magnetic AeroPress-shaped slider on the lid. These features make it easy to pack, brew, and enjoy coffee anywhere.

The AeroPress Go Plus works exceptionally well for the Japanese iced coffee recipe because of its ability to brew a hot, concentrated coffee quickly and efficiently. The compact design allows you to brew directly into the tumbler filled with ice, making the process seamless and mess-free. The double-walled tumbler keeps your iced coffee cold for longer, ensuring a refreshing drink on the go.

What coffees work well for this recipe?

When selecting coffee beans for your Japanese iced coffee, look for bright and aromatic options. Coffees with high acidity and fruity or floral notes work particularly well, as these flavors shine through in the flash brewing process. Ethiopian and Kenyan coffees are excellent choices, known for their vibrant acidity and complex flavor profiles.

Additionally, more dynamic and full-bodied coffees, such as those from Colombia or Guatemala, can also create a delicious Japanese iced coffee. These beans often offer a balance of rich flavors and bright acidity, resulting in a well-rounded and satisfying iced coffee.


Brewing coffee with AeroPress Go Plus

How to Brew Japanese Iced Coffee with the AeroPress 

Step 1: Grind the Coffee

Begin by grinding 22g of coffee to a medium-fine consistency, slightly finer than what you would typically use for a standard AeroPress brew. This grind size is crucial for extracting the right flavors and ensuring a smooth brewing process.

Step 2: Add Ice

Next, add 150g of ice to your glass or tumbler. Opt for larger ice cubes as they melt more slowly due to their reduced surface area, ensuring your iced coffee stays cold longer without becoming diluted too quickly.

Step 3: Prepare the AeroPress

Set up the AeroPress coffee maker in the upright position on top of your glass or tumbler and add the ground coffee to the brewer. Pour 200g of water into the AeroPress chamber, aiming for around the “3” mark. If you are using the traditional cap rather than the AeroPress Flow Control Filter Cap, make sure to pour the water quickly to minimize premature dripping, which can lead to over-dilution.

Step 4: Brew and Enjoy

Once the water is added, stir the mixture aggressively about 10 times to ensure thorough saturation. Insert the plunger at the top of the chamber and pull up slightly to create a vacuum, preventing any additional coffee from dripping through. Allow the coffee to brew for approximately 3 minutes. After brewing, slowly press down on the AeroPress plunger over 30-45 seconds. The brewed coffee will melt the ice, resulting in a balanced and refreshing iced coffee, with just enough ice left to keep it cool as you enjoy it.


Japanese iced coffee is a fantastic way to enjoy the complex flavors and aromas of hot brewed coffee in a refreshing, iced format. The AeroPress Go Plus makes this process even more convenient and enjoyable, allowing you to brew high-quality iced coffee wherever you are. With its thoughtful design and portability, the Go Plus is the ultimate travel coffee solution. Whether you prefer bright, fruity notes or rich, full-bodied flavors, the Japanese iced coffee method is a great option. So, grab your AeroPress Go Plus, brew up some delicious iced coffee, and savor every sip, no matter where your adventures take you.

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