Ube Einspänner AeroPress Latte

Ube Einspänner AeroPress Latte

The purple yam craze continues to make its way into a plethora of products - so why not coffee?
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What is Ube?


Ube is a purple yam traditionally used as an ingredient in South East Asian cultures, specifically coming from the Philippines. It has a subtle vanilla, nutty flavor and is commonly used in desserts. Ube as a flavor has only in recent years exploded in mainstream U.S. culture and popularity, now having something of a cult following within Trader Joe's products.

The purple yam craze continues to make its way into a plethora of products - so why not coffee? The delicate and subtle Ube flavor is enhanced by a sweetened lavender-tinted cold foam. A specialty medium roasted coffee makes for an excellent contrast with a slight bittersweetness and lingering fruity note that cuts through the sweet foam. Ube extracts can easily be found at local ethnic grocery stores or are even readily available online.


What is an Einspänner Coffee?


The Einspänner Coffee, also directly translated to Single Horse Carriage, is a popular Viennese style coffee traditionally containing espresso and whipped cream. According to Vienna Concerts, the Einspänner was a traditional drink that coach drivers consumed as the thick cream topping served as insulation for the hot beverage below, or quickly consumed if a fare arrived by drinking the hot coffee through the cold cream.

The juxtaposition of a warm, hot coffee beverage combined with a sweetened or flavor-infused cold cream creates a sipping experience unlike any other. With the AeroPress Flow Control Filter Cap, a rich and velvety espresso-like brew is possible without the need of a fancy or expensive espresso machine. The Flow Control Filter Cap acts as a pressure restrictor, only allowing coffee to flow through a smaller opening increases the pressure in which the coffee is brewed. 

Completing the purple theme with the all new Clear Purple Tint AeroPress allows you to closely watch every step of the brewing process. Watching the coffee grounds get fully saturated with water, releasing the carbon dioxide in a blooming stage, breaking through the crust formed atop, and finally plunging your brew through the cap with a satisfying hiss.

For even more Ube richness, double the Ube extract quantity in the syrup while keeping the sugar and water levels the same. If you have access to an Ube powder, a light dusting atop the cold foam will make for an excellent visual garnish for serving and add an even stronger Ube aroma when sipping.




For a more traditional hot Ube latte, you can combine 100g of the AeroPress brew and top it with steamed milk for a 6oz serving. We recommend adding 10g of Ube syrup per 150g milk and combining before steaming or frothing to create a delicately purple milk with the nutty and vanilla Ube aromas.

On warm summer days, an iced Ube latte is even easier! Combine 15g of Ube syrup into a glass, top with 100g of coffee, and fill the rest of the way with milk. Adding the Einspänner style sweetened cold foam adds a contrasting texture that makes enjoying the beverage even more indulgent.


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