Lemon Iced AeroPress Recipe

Lemon Iced AeroPress

An incredibly invigorating blend that's ideal for a hot summer day.
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Incorporating citrus into your coffee can be a game-changer, adding a refreshing twist to your daily brew. Whether it's a splash of freshly squeezed lemon juice, a hint of tangy orange zest, or a slice of vibrant grapefruit, citrus brings a burst of brightness to your cup. The acidic notes of citrus fruits complement the rich, robust flavors of coffee, creating a harmonious balance that tastes amazing. Citrus can be infused into your coffee through various methods, such as adding citrus zest directly to the grounds before brewing or squeezing a wedge of lemon or lime into your finished cup. One flavor combination that I find myself returning to time and time again is the delightful pairing of lemon and coffee—specifically iced coffee. When balanced just right, it creates an incredibly invigorating blend that's ideal for a hot summer day. This particular recipe uses my go-to iced AeroPress, featuring a special infusion of zesty lemon that takes it to the next level.

How to add citrus to your AeroPress

There are several creative ways to infuse your coffee with the vibrant flavors of citrus. 

  1. One method is to add citrus zest directly to your coffee grounds before brewing. Simply grate the zest of your favorite citrus fruit, such as lemon, lime, or orange, and mix it in with your ground coffee. As the coffee brews, the oils from the zest will release, imparting a subtle citrus aroma and flavor to your cup. 
  2. A second option is to include citrus slices in your brew or carafe. This gives a bolder citrus flavor while still in a controlled manner.
  3. A third option is to add a splash of freshly squeezed citrus juice to your finished coffee. Whether it's a squeeze of lemon, lime, or orange, a small amount can add a bright and tangy kick to your brew. This gives you the most control so you can determine how much citrus you want to add based on the coffee’s profile.

This recipe uses a mix of zesting and citrus slices. The AeroPress gives us a nice way to add a slice of lemon or other citrus without adversely affecting extraction. I use a lemon slice paired with lemon zest to maximize the aromatics while brewing. If after brewing I’m wanting a bit more citrus notes in the coffee I sometimes will also add a few drops of lemon juice to the final cup as well.

Can you use other citrus?

While this recipe uses lemon, most citrus options work very well. I’ve used orange, lime, grapefruit and more in different recipes with great success.

How to make a lemon iced AeroPress

Step 1: Prepare the AeroPress

Prepare AeroPress in the upright position using two paper filters in the cap. Before connecting the cap to the AeroPress chamber, add a lemon slice on top of the filters (making sure it is small enough that the chamber will be able to twist into the cap). 

Connect the cap and the chamber and pour the ground coffee on top of the lemon slice. Zest the remaining lemon on top of the coffee grounds.

Step 2: Brew the coffee

Add 100g of ice (ideally one large cube) to a carafe and set the AeroPress on top. A single large cube will melt more slowly and more efficiently cool down the brewed coffee.

Add 200g of near-boiling water to the AeroPress and stir back & forth 10 times. Add plunger to top to create a vacuum (and prevent coffee dripping out of chamber), but do not push down. Set aside to brew for around 3 minutes.

Step 3: Finish the coffee

After the coffee brews, slowly push down on the AeroPress over 30-45 seconds. Pushing slowly helps reduce astringency in the final coffee and promote a more even extraction.

Step 4: Stir the coffee

The brewed coffee will likely have melted most of the ice cube. Stir the coffee to melt the remaining ice.

Step 5: Pour over ice

At this point the coffee is cooled. Add new ice to a glass and pour in coffee. The previously cooled coffee ensures the new ice will melt slowly and avoid watering down your coffee.

If the coffee doesn’t have enough lemon flavor for your preference, you can add a few additional drops of lemon juice into the coffee now.

Step 6: Garnish with lemon slice & enjoy

Garnish the coffee with a lemon slice and enjoy. The aromatics from the lemon slice will help accentuate the lemon flavor.

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