Flash Brew Almond Iced Latte

AeroPress Flash Brew Almond Iced Latte

Nothing beats an ice-cold drink on those hot summer days. Enter the flash brew latte!
Instant Cold Brew with AeroPress Go Plus Reading AeroPress Flash Brew Almond Iced Latte 2 minutes

What is a Flash Brew Latte?

Lattes are already delicious. But nothing beats an ice-cold drink on those hot summer days. Enter flash brew latte. In flash brewing, you use hot water to brew (let coffee drip) directly over the ice. The cold ice immediately cools the coffee and locks in the delicious coffee flavors (notes).


From Backyard Brews to Waterfront Views

As the hot summer days approach the excitement of being outdoors builds. Naturally we spend more time outside, especially having company over and being with friends. The smell of BBQ, blooming flowers and you guessed it, that beautiful coffee aroma is the perfect backdrop for any get-together or party!

The AeroPress Go Plus takes that backyard party to the next level. Not only does it allow for outdoor brewing, but also helps us to not miss a single moment from our get-together. What's more, being able to brew right in front of our company, gives our friends a show and a drink.

Finally, whether you’ve got plans after the party or just going for a long drive, you can take your brew with you. The AeroPress Go Plus has its own tumbler that makes it so easy to bring your coffee on the go. Whether in the car, hiking, or taking in the waterfront views, the Go Plus makes the experience easy and classy.
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