AeroPress Carafe
AeroPress Carafe
AeroPress Carafe with Original
AeroPress Carafe with XL

AeroPress Carafe

Elevate your pour

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The only carafe designed for your AeroPress coffee maker. 

  • Fits multiple sizes: Hex shape fits AeroPress Original, Clear and XL presses
  • Crystal clear: Shatterproof, lightweight, made with Tritan™
  • 20 oz (600 ml) capacity
  • Compact for travel: Small spout, no handle
  • Made in USA, Designed in Silicon Valley

3 in 1 Brewing
Easily customizable grind size, temperature and time for a flavor personalized to your taste.

Fast Immersion
Micro-filter allows for a finer grind, enabling rapid brewing, for coffee without grit or bitterness.

Air Pressure
Plunge system uses gentle pressure to push water through grinds extracting only the purest, freshest flavors.

4 Brew Styles
American, Espresso Style, Latte, Cold Brew.

Tritan™ is a trademark of Eastman Chemical Company
"Perfect coffee every morning."