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World AeroPress Championship Overview

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What is the WAC?

The World AeroPress Championship is a fan driven global phenomenon in which challengers from over 60 countries have a great time competing to make the best cup of coffee using their favorite AeroPress recipe. Each event combines intense competition with a fun party that includes beer, music and lots of fun. 68,265 eager spectators enjoyed last season's W.A.C. parties as they cheered on 3,157 competitors.

An image of the poster artwork for the 2016 Turkey AeroPress Championship
An image of the poster artwork for the 2016 Belgian AeroPress Championship

The competitions are multi-round elimination tournaments, made up of regional, national, and world competitions, where competitors brew coffee for a distinguished panel of expert coffee-celebrity judges. Winning a championship is an impressive achievement that is greatly respected by the specialty coffee community. W.A.C. saw exceptional participation from AeroPress lovers around the globe in 2019!

The Story

Coffee industry leaders Tim Wendelboe and Tim Varney liked how the AeroPress empowers users to control the brewing process. In 2008 they decided to hold a lighthearted competition to see who could brew the best cup of coffee using an AeroPress. Starting with only three competitors, they named their event the World AeroPress Championship. Fans in other countries decided to organize national championships and the national winners would then compete in the World Championships. Over the years the W.A.C. circuit has grown to include dozens of countries. National competitions were held in 65 different countries in 2019, culminating in the 12th annual World AeroPress Championship in London.

W.A.C. Today

Tim Williams has taken the lead in continuing the phenomenon that is the World AeroPress Championship. Tim does an outstanding job of always producing AeroPress Championship events that are a lively, light-hearted celebrations of the global AeroPress community and also serious coffee brewing competitions.

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