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Find out what the pros did to win at the World AeroPress Championship in previous years.

2023 WAC 2nd place winner Carlo Graf Bülow
By Constance Romero - January 15, 2024

2nd: Carlo Graf Bülow, Germany (2023)

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2023 WAC champion Tay Wipvasutt, Thailand
By James Achilles - January 15, 2024

1st: Tay Wipvasutt, Thailand (2023)

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Jibbi Little, 2022 World AeroPress Champion, kisses her golden trophy
By AeroPress - February 02, 2023

WAC 2022 Recap and Interview with New Champion Jibbi Little

We recap the incredibly successful 2022 World AeroPress Championship and interview brand-new World AeroPress Champion: Jibbi Little of Australia!
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Pouring coffee into cupping bowls at 2021 World AeroPress Championship
By AeroPress - June 10, 2022

Champion Q&A: 2021 WAC 3rd place winner Brandon Smith

We caught up with Brandon Smith, who represented South Africa at the 2021 World AeroPress Championship, to learn why he loves the Championship, his tips for AeroPress beginners, and how he developed his special winning recipe!
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3 2021 World AeroPress Championship trophies on display bases
By AeroPress - June 03, 2022

Champion Q&A: 2021 WAC 2nd place winner Maru Mallee

We chatted with 2021 World AeroPress Championship second place winner Maru Mallee (the Netherlands) on his biggest inspirations, the perfect refreshment on a hot summer day, and why it's so important not to get too attached to a specific brewing recipe.
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