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Father’s Day Coffee Gift Guide - AeroPress

Knock his "Best Dad" socks off with something unique and thoughtful from the AeroPress Father's Day Gift Guide. Now who's the favorite kid?

Father's Day is a huge event in many families, and it’s celebrated in nearly 70 countries around the world. In the United States alone, consumers spent nearly $23 billion on Father's Day in 2023.

A recent survey by the National Retail Federation found that in 2023, the most popular Father's Day gifts included special trips, clothes, electronics and gift cards. We know it’s always difficult to find the perfect gift, especially one that stands out, so why not do something a little out of the ordinary? Let us help with a guide full of unique and thoughtful gifts (different from the usual suspects) sure to please any coffee-loving dad or grandfather!

While it may not be the first thing that comes to mind, nothing says Happy Father's Day quite like delicious coffee. Thoughtful, lasting and way more interesting than another "Best Dad" coffee cup, the coffee gifts in our AeroPress Father's Day Gift Guide almost guarantee a smile and a hug from the dad in your life!


AeroPress clear Demo #color_clear

Gifts For The French Press Fanatic

The best dad in the world deserves the best coffee. But until now, yours has been putting up with bitterness and grit when using his French press. Put together an AeroPress coffee gift box for him that’s all big French press style flavor with none of the drawbacks (high acidity and bitterness, we’re looking at you).

  • AeroPress Clear Coffee Maker: The only coffee press with 3 in 1 brew technology, our brewer will give Dad velvety-smooth, full-bodied flavor without the grit or bitterness he’s used to from his French press. Made with crystal-clear, shatterproof Tritan™, it’ll look striking on his countertop, too.

  • AeroPress Stainless Steel Filter: To help him get even richer flavor from his favorite ground coffee beans, pair the AeroPress Clear with a metal filter. It will give him the richness he loves from his French press without the harsh grit.


AeroPress Matcha Iced Latte

Gifts To Help Him “Espresso Himself”

Need gift ideas for the coffee lover dad who’s just got to be himself? Checkout the items below and help him customize his coffee experience with these coffee makers and accessories! An energizing coffee ritual with personalized brewing tools each morning will fuel him up for whatever life throws at him every day.

  • AeroPress Clear Colors: Pick his favorite color! Our new AeroPress Clear Colors are best sellers for a reason - they let you match your mood to your coffee brewer. Let him know he’s a king with royal Clear Purple, or get him in the mood for a hike with Clear Green. (Psst - AeroPress Clear Colors make great birthday gifts, too!)

  • AeroPress Decorative Sleeve: With a choice of four colors, AeroPress Decorative Sleeves add an extra pop of color while he’s brewing. Made from 100% food-grade silicone for a comfortable grip, these sleeves will add a little fun to his brewing routine. He’ll be able to easily keep track of the water level in the AeroPress chamber using the viewing window.

  • AeroPress Go Decorative Lid: If he’s got an AeroPress Go, help him stay stylish on the go with a choice of eight different colors and patterns. From outdoorsy orange topo to classic camo and quirky ombre, there’s an AeroPress Go Decorative Lid for every taste.

  • AeroPress Organizer Stand: After he’s brewed his coffee, he’ll appreciate having a place to store his AeroPress coffee maker. Our compact, sleek storage solution will make his life a little easier. Individual compartments for the coffee press, stirrer, filter cap, and filters help keep his countertop (or cabinet) neat.


AeroPress XL being shared with father and daughter

Give The Gift Of Time Spent Together

What dad doesn't love more time spent with his family? Give him another way to cherish the time he spends with you by giving him the gift of delicious coffee - and enough to share.

  • AeroPress XL Coffee Maker: Our biggest coffee maker has twice the capacity of our other brewers and includes its own beautiful crystal-clear carafe for easy brewing and serving. Put it to work right away and brew Dad a cup right after he opens it!


Musician taking Go Plus on the road

Gifts for the Dad on the Go

Going on an adventure with Dad is always great, but the travel coffee - usually isn’t. Skip rotgut diner coffee and sketchy hotel-room drip coffee makers and equip Dad with everything he needs for a full-flavored fuel-up.


  • AeroPress Go Plus Travel Coffee System: Upgrade his travel coffee setup with the travel coffee problem-solver. The AeroPress Go Plus is the ultimate travel version of our iconic coffee press - the same patented 3 in 1 brewing technology that gives a smooth, full-bodied flavor without grit or bitterness. The included 16 oz travel tumbler is made of double wall, vacuum-insulated 18/8 stainless steel, features a leak-resistant, magnetic slider lid and built-in filter holder, and serves three purposes: brewing vessel, drinking cup, and carrying case.

  • AeroPress Go Travel Coffee Maker: Maybe Dad plans to spend some time camping or hiking and would prefer something just a bit more compact than the Go Plus. Our compact travel coffee system, the AeroPress Go, is the perfect option. A slightly smaller brewer that packs up into a simple travel cup, the AeroPress Go will keep him caffeinated at a gourmet level whether he’s deep in the backcountry, fishing at his secret spot, or even boating.


Fellow Ode grinder

For the Gearhead Dad

For Father's Day gifts that really impress your gearhead dad, create a coffee gift set from this list. Now who’s the favorite kid?

  • Fellow Carter Move Mug and Splash Guard: There’s a better way to say Happy Father's Day than yet another ceramic mug. For a great travel mug that keeps his specialty coffee warm and enhances his drinking experience, gift him a Fellow Carter Move Mug. It fits in most car cup holders, and the splash guard makes for a spill-free drinking experience! Plus, the double wall vacuum stainless steel holds on to heat for 12 hours or keeps his iced coffee cold for 24 hours. Pair this mug with a matching AeroPress Clear Color Coffee Maker for a pulled-together look that makes a big statement. Whether he’s brewing at home or taking his coffee on the go, he’ll enjoy making his favorite color a part of his daily coffee experience.

  • Fellow Ode Brew Grinder: Get him a coffee grinder that’s as special as he is. Fellow’s Ode is as customizable in its grinding as AeroPress coffee makers are in brewing, making them the perfect match. Opt for the premium Red Speed SSP Burrs for an extended lifespan and a finer range of grind settings for dialing in recipes. Then pair it with whole bean arabica coffee from his favorite roaster for a thoughtful coffee gift set.

  • Brewista Artisan Electric Gooseneck Kettle: The perfect gift for dads who love coffee more than anything, this kettle will allow him to brew with a perfectly controlled pour every time. The ergonomic comfort-grip handle and electronic temperature control LCD panel ensure a brewing experience that's as easy as it is enjoyable.


AeroPress Midnight latte

Gifts For The Barista Dad Who Loves To Get Creative With His Coffee

If your dad loves spending time making different gourmet coffee drinks, put together the perfect gift basket with these Father's Day gifts that will help him be his own barista. These items put him in full control of his brew so he can experiment with recipes and brew the perfect cup every time. Just be prepared for a bunch of text messages bragging about his latest creations!

  • AeroPress Flow Control Filter Cap: This will help him create hundreds of recipes using any grind size and brew for as long as he wants. Help him create an espresso-style coffee for use in lattes, or the cold brew coffee that he loves so much. Pair with a coffee sampler for even more flavor versatility. (Don’t forget to point him to the AeroPress Recipes page, where he can experiment with all kinds of new drinks from a Pour-Over Style AeroPress to a Midnight AeroPress Latte!)

  • Brewista Smart Scale II: Help him follow the most exacting recipes with the Brewista Smart Scale II. He’ll like it for the water-resistant coating and battery-saving auto-off function, but he’ll love it for the 0.1 gram accuracy.

Clear Red Gifting #color_clear red


Show Dad you put some thought into it and get him something a little out of the ordinary - a coffee gift from our AeroPress Father's Day Gift Guide! He’ll thank you for the thoughtfulness - and the helpful caffeine boost!


What are some unique Father's Day coffee gift ideas for 2024?

Whether the dad in your life loves cold brew, lattes, espresso or other styles of coffee, you can’t go wrong with gifting him an AeroPress Clear coffee maker. He’ll be able to brew a cup exactly to his taste with a minimum of fuss and cleanup (not to mention the fun of brewing in his favorite color!). Adding an AeroPress Flow Control Filter Cap means he’ll be able to try hundreds of recipes with any grind size and extend his brew time for as long as he wants. Our totally unique 3 in 1 brew technology means gifts that are like no other - and last much longer than a specialty meat platter.

AeroPress Go Plus on counter

Is your dad set for an around the world gourmet coffee tasting expedition?

If your dad is a world traveler who loves coffee, gift him an AeroPress Go Plus travel coffee system and he’ll be ready for his next expedition! With the Go Plus, he can bring his favorite brewing system to try the local coffee anywhere he goes - and then take his brew with him using the included travel tumbler. When he’s done enjoying, everything packs up neatly into the tumbler - ready for him to toss it in his duffel bag for his next adventure!


Tritan™ is a trademark of Eastman Chemical Company.

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