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3 Simple Steps to Great Coffee

Instructional image showing three steps of brewing with an AeroPress coffee maker: pour, stir, and press

If you’re new to brewing, keep these tips in mind to make your perfect cup:

Press gently 

Pressing too fast or with too much force compacts the coffee grounds, making it harder to press into your mug.

Grind size

Use a medium-fine grind size. If you use too coarse a grind size, you may see a dripthrough rate that is up to 2x faster. If you use a fine grind size, you may find it more difficult to press. The average bag of preground store-bought coffee is a medium grind size that is optimized for drip coffee makers. For those who prefer to use a medium or coarse grind, we recommend the use of our Flow Control Filter Cap.

Trust your taste 

Rather than focusing on brewing in the “right” way, prioritize finding a method that makes coffee you love. If it tastes good, you’re doing it right!

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