What is your answer to this statement? You don't want water at 175, which would end up being just warm after using the press. You want it much hotter. They claim 175 because any hotter you will release toxins from the plastic to your coffee. It should be made from ceramic or glass. Never use hot liquid with plastic for long repeated periods of time. Use some logic, not just the stats. – From Ira S.

Our recommendation to use 175 degrees F water for brewing coffee is purely because our blind taste tests with both coffee experts and every day coffee lovers clearly showed that they preferred the taste of coffee brewed using water of that temperature. You can use hotter water in your AeroPress without any concern about the materials of the AeroPress. We recommend you do your own taste tests with coffee brewed using different temperatures of water to determine your preference. The statement about drinking temperature touches on a widespread misconception. People often say they like their coffee really hot but if you measure the temperature of the hottest coffee they can tolerate, it will be in the 135 to 145 degrees F range. We have done this test. We have heard from users that they formerly liked to drink it very hot because that masked bitterness. They reported that AeroPress brew is so low in bitterness that they enjoy it at moderate temperatures. I myself enjoy coffee at any temperature, cold, room-temp or about 125F.