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The AeroPress has changed my life for the better since 2015.I can't believe the years of bad tasting coffee in a decanter being warmed that I have endured over the years.I love the elegance and the ingenuity of the AeroPress design —And the affordability of the units makes me happy.The one thing I would request for the future is for the Aeropress to be offered in optional clear color again. I think it would be slightly easier to see the markings and kind of fun to see what is happening when brewing.Once again, thank you for an amazing product. – From John C.

We would love to make the AeroPress clear again. But the material we currently use is more durable than the clear alternatives and we chose durability.

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Some AeroPress and AeroPress Go were shipped with the other's instructions. The two instructions are almost identical but to download either instruction, click here:AeroPress AeroPress Go

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