It's my understanding that 1 scoop makes 8oz and 3 scoop makes 16oz, so cost wise it's better to make 2 single scoops. But how much does a 2 scoop make? I'm new, but loving it so far. Just trying to figure out a good morning routine with it. My favorite mug is 24oz, but that's not a deal breaker if I can get 20oz of coffee. – From Verna B.

The strength of coffee you enjoy most is personal so you should conduct some trials to determine your favorite way to brew using your AeroPress. The instructions that we provide with the AeroPress suggest using one rounded scoop (about 14 grams) of coffee for each shot of espresso style coffee desired and for each 8 oz serving of Americano style coffee. Try three rounded scoops and fill your 24 oz mug with Americano style coffee. That is a lot of coffee so you may need to use a slightly coarser grind and a little longer steep time. Experiment.