Hi Alan, I love the Aeropress which I have just bought, it's great. The only downside I have, is that I use a large cup shaped mug for my coffee. It takes about 2 normal mugs of coffee. I also have the same pattern in a smaller size which takes 1 mug. The problem is that the base of the aero press is NOT WIDE/BIG ENOUGH to sit on top of these cups. So I have to make my coffee in a normal mug & then transfer to my cups. Do you have a larger support base for the Areopress? or maybe it might be a good idea to make one OR one that could slip over the original? – From Adam A.

Thanks for your question. We know that the AeroPress will not properly sit on some extra large mugs. We sized the AeroPress to properly work on 95% of mugs and apologize that some large mug owners will need to press into one and then pour into their preferred drinking mug.