Hi Alan! I LOVE MY AEROPRESS! but i am curious what your best suggestion for NUMBER of grind to ask for. I find if it's too fine (espresso grind) it is hard to press down, but if it's too coarse, the water runs through too quickly while you're still stirring it. So is there a standardized number to ask for, the best grind number for you? At my local espresso bean place they didn't know about aero press so I usually just say "please grind one notch less coarse than espresso" but that's kind of cumbersome…. Is there a standard grind number?? thanks! – From Amy S.

Hi Amy, Thank you for your kind words. There are many different makes and models of grinders and they use different numbers. So rather than numbers, we recommend espresso grind for one scoop per pressing and midway between espresso and drip grind for two scoops per pressing, and standard drip grind for three or more scoops per pressing. Please remember to press gently because pressing hard compacts the puck and blocks the flow.