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Why AeroPress?

Why is AeroPress brewed coffee so delicious?

A breakthrough in the brewing process makes the best coffee you have ever tasted.

A starburst image containing a quote by The New York Times reading: "Delicious"

Rich, smooth coffee without bitterness

Remarkably low acidity

Microfilter means no grit in cup (unlike French press)

Makes 1 to 3 cups in about a minute

Brews American and espresso style coffee

Ideal for kitchen, travel and camping

Clean up takes seconds

Phthalate and BPA free

350 microfilters included

AeroPress vs Competition

The New York Times
Outside Magazine
Bloomberg Businessweek
Bon Appetit Magazine
Barista Magazine
A starburst image containing a quote by Kenneth Davids reading: "Produces a much better espresso-style coffee than many home machines that cost twenty or thirty times as much"