Understand the science that makes AeroPress coffee makers the best

AeroPress Original and AeroPress Go are immersion style coffee makers. Unlike the French press, finely ground coffee is immersed in the chamber with a short brew time. The pressure produced when pressing the plunger through the chamber further extracts flavor, and coffee is free of mud and grit as it passes through a paper micro-filter.

Coffee beans next to ground coffee

(Grind) size does matter!

Grind size directly affects your coffee’s taste. A finer grind exposes more surface area to water, releasing more flavour and aroma compounds. A coarse grind has less surface area, making it harder for water to penetrate and extract these compounds. But beware: brewing with too fine a grind can make it very difficult to press.

We recommend a medium to fine grind, depending on brew time. If you're pressing for longer than a minute, we suggest a coarser grind. If you’re pressing for 30 seconds or less, a finer grind is recommended. 

A kettle boiling with steam coming out of spout

Water temperature

Most people think good coffee is brewed in hot, hot water. But water that’s too hot can over-extract flavor compounds and release unfavorable flavors, such as bitterness and ash. However, brewing with water that isn't hot enough can result in under extraction, and sour, thin-tasting coffee. Cold extraction for cold brew is an exception to this rule because a long stir time and finer grind compensate for the lower water temperature. Learn how to make Cold Brew with your AeroPress Original or AeroPress Go here.

We recommend 175°F (80°C) for hot coffee and room temperature for cold brew.

Overhead shot of coffee brewing in an inverted AeroPress Original

Best brew times

Strong coffee is the result of a longer brew time, where more compounds are extracted from the bean. Brew too long and your coffee will taste bitter and burnt; too short and under-extraction might make it acidic.

We recommend stirring the coffee and water together for 10 seconds (for hot coffee) or 60 seconds (briskly, for cold brew) before pressing.

Stirring coffee and water in the AeroPress Original

A note about stirring

Stirring, or any other form of agitation, is a matter of personal preference. Agitation is associated with more consistently extracted coffee and is one of the ways AeroPress coffee maker users personalize their cup.