AeroPress Movie

We're so excited to share that the folks at European Coffee Trip have made a 45-minute documentary that explores the world of the AeroPress! In AeroPress Movie, viewers will get to know AeroPress inventor Alan Adler, the team behind the World AeroPress Championship, and many more people who are part of the AeroPress story. Check out the preview below and visit the movie's website for more details about more screenings around the world. The world premiere was at Kino Scala in Brno, Czech Republic.

Now you can watch AeroPress Movie on demand on Vimeo for $5.99! Check out the trailer below. AeroPress Movie is also available to watch on demand for $5.99 on Amazon Prime in the United States and for £4.99 in the United Kingdom.

Are you interested in organizing a screening of this 45-minute film in your area? Contact [email protected].

Praise for the film:

"The AeroPress Movie is a beautifully and intelligently made film about a simple brewer that has become one of the most beloved coffee-making tools on the planet. With this documentary, European Coffee Trip superbly reveals how and why the AeroPress continues to captivate top-level baristas and home coffee enthusiasts alike.”

Sarah Allen, Editor in Chief, Barista Magazine

"The AeroPress movie doses up invention, craft and passion and presses out the spirit of the specialty coffee community at forearm pressure."

Andrew Tolley, Head of Coffee, Taylor St Baristas

"Just watched. Brilliant film. I loved the seamless way it mixed various voices and worked without a narrator and the way the arc started and ended with Alan Adler. The animations were brilliant and the way you used stills was great. It really built to a fun climax with Panda's win and then there was the little postlude with Alan like a musical coda. Excellent film. I'm going to brew a few AeroPresses tomorrow."

Phil Wain, Editor in Chief, Caffeine Mag

"This film was simply fantastic! From the quality production to the exceptional story telling, it does a wonderful job capturing the impact and legacy of the AeroPress and its creator. It was joy to watch. My advice, be sure to watch this with an AeroPress nearby since this movie will almost certainly stir you to brew a cup with a renewed sense of appreciation. Well done!"

Chris Deferio, Host/Producer/Consultant, Keys to the Shop