Brewista Bundle: AeroPress & Brewista Bundle
Brewista Bundle: AeroPress & Brewista Bundle
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AeroPress Original
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Brewista Bundle: AeroPress & Brewista Bundle

For the ultimate coffee starter kit

Sale price$288.94
The AeroPress and Brewista Bundle has everything you need to set up the perfect home coffee bar. The AeroPress Original quickly and easily brews a variety of delicious coffee drinks, allowing you to be your own barista. The Brewista Artisan kettle’s intelligent, in-house design allows for to-the-degree temperature control for perfectly brewed coffee, while the Brewista Smart Scale II has 6 different modes and can measure coffee and water to as specific as 0.1 grams for an incredibly precise weighing experience.

Simplify the science behind perfectly-brewed coffee with the Smart Scale II. Our easy-to-use, feature-rich balance includes a water-resistant coating that can measure down as low as 0.1 grams. Designed as a best-in-class tool for quality and affordability, this smart coffee scale helps you develop the artistry of coffee at home. 

  • USB rechargeable battery 
  • 2000 gram (70 oz) capacity
  • 0.1 gram accuracy 
  • Water-resistant nano coating
  • Auto tare 
  • Auto time 
  • Auto-off function 
  • 6 different modes
  • LCD display in grams and ounces
  • Includes black protective cover/tray
  • Silicone pad for water and temperature change resistance 

Visit our FAQ page for troubleshooting and other Smart Scale II info

Download Manual – English | Français | Español | Italiano | Deutsch | Arabic 
Download Quick Start Guide – English Français | Español | Italiano | Deutsch

Mastering your morning coffee ritual starts with the Artisan Kettle. Brewista’s intelligent, in-house design allows for to-the-degree temperature control for a perfectly brewed bean. Crafted with quality and precision, the Artisan is coveted by expert baristas across the globe and by coffee lovers craving a more elevated coffee experience. 

  • Ergonomic, comfort-grip handle
  • Gooseneck spout for an easier, more controlled pour
  • Electronic temperature control LCD panel
  • Flash boil and keep warm settings
  • 1.0 Liter capacity 

Note: 110V electric appliance for North America
Visit our FAQ page for troubleshooting and other Artisan Kettle info

Download Manual – EnglishFrançaisEspañolItalianoDeutsch | Arabic

Download Quick Start Guide – EnglishFrançaisEspañolItalianoDeutsch | Arabic 

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The AeroPress Original coffee maker is beloved by fans around the world. Our patented technology produces the richest, smoothest coffee, cold brew, and espresso drinks you’ve ever tasted. Designed in Silicon Valley, Made in USA.

No acidity, bitterness, or grit: Rapid brewing eliminates bitterness and acidity while micro-filters remove the grit typically found in other presses. Goodbye French press! 

Brew in under one minute: Just add coffee and water, stir, and press. Clean-up takes only a few seconds. 

Brew American or espresso style coffee: Brews one to three delicious cups with one press. AeroPress Original can also make cold brew coffee as well as espresso-style coffee for lattes, cappuccinos, and more.

AeroPress Original Chamber & Plunger: For brewing the most delicious coffee ever!

Micro-Filters: Includes replacement AeroPress micro-filters. Micro-filters remove grit from your coffee, unlike other press-type coffee makers. 

Stirrer: Designed to be the perfect length for the AeroPress Original.

Scoop and Filter Cap: Scoop measures just the right amount of coffee for delicious, easy AeroPress Original recipes.

AeroPress brand products are warranted against defects in materials and workmanship for one year from the date of purchase from an authorized retailer. If you think you purchased a defective AeroPress product that is under warranty, please contact us and report the problem. We will promptly be in touch.