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Aerolatte® Milk Frother


AeroPress and Aerolatte:  the names may be similar, but they’re from different companies! Our General Manager has used an Aerolatte milk frother at home for years and loves it, so we decided to offer this great product on our website.

The Aerolatte is a steam-free milk frother that can be used to froth regular or non-dairy milk for delicious lattes, cappuccinos, and other espresso based drinks. Used alongside the AeroPress coffee maker, it may eliminate  your need for an expensive espresso machine that takes up counter space. After brewing espresso style shots of coffee with your AeroPress, use your Aerolatte to top them off with frothed milk for delicious cafe quality beverages at home or on the go. The Aerolatte is lightweight and battery powered, so you can travel anywhere with it.

To use, measure your milk into a mug or glass. Then, submerge the whisk and hold the power button to begin frothing. Froth for 30-60 seconds or until the foam has reached the desired consistency. When you are done, hand wash the frother whisk in warm, soapy water.

Read Aerolatte milk frother FAQ questions here.

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