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Three questions: 1. How can I purchase the sieve that holds the filter paper that fits on the main tube? 2. I am currently using a Fellow filter and find that the pressure is such that it is difficult if not impossible to plunge the plunger all the way down. 3. What is the correct setting on an Encore Baratza burr mill for grinding coffee to use with Aeropress? – From Philippe de L.

1. You can buy any AeroPress replacement part on our website, 2. Your difficulty pressing is probably due to too fine a grind. Experiment with a coarser grind until your gentle pressing takes 30 to 40 seconds. 3. These experiments will probably lead to a grinder setting between espresso and drip. Also, consider the number of scoops you press and use a coarser grind when pressing more scoops.

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Some AeroPress and AeroPress Go were shipped with the other's instructions. The two instructions are almost identical but to download either instruction, click here:AeroPress AeroPress Go

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