This is a suggestion rather than a question. One issue I have with the Aeropress is that the plunger does not stay perfectly concentric with the cylinder. When it tips it has a tendency to lose the air seal and even allow liquid to leak past the seal. This could be solved by adding 4 veins, or ribs that have a close fit to the cylinder, running lengthwise along the outside of the plunger and keep it in perfect alignment. I know making a new die is an expensive proposition, but at whatever time you make a new model you might consider adding this feature. Have you already considered this option and rejected it for reasons I can't forsee? – From David C.

Initially the AeroPress had exactly the ribs that you describe but we found that the ribs caused minor scratching on the inside of the chamber which affected appearance and they really were not needed. If your seal becomes loose in the chamber, order a replacement seal from this website.