My sons and I LOVE our Aeropress!~ I recently purchased one for myself, so we have two in our home currently. Our question is is there a larger version of this fabulous coffee press available? If not, would the company consider making a larger version for it's devoted customers, to make two to four cups at a time?? My eldest son, has to run two presses at one time for his ice coffee fix. We all agree, it would be a wonderful addition to the original press and great increase in sales opportunity… we'd purchase an additional larger version to keep in our home! – From Karen C.

Thank you for contacting us. Yes, we are considering a larger AeroPress, but you can make large quantities with your existing AeroPress by brewing 3-scoop espresso-strength concentrates according to the instructions which came with your AeroPress and are repeated here:
It only takes a few minutes to do each 3-scoop pressing. Each makes 3 servings of American coffee or latte. I store the concentrate in my fridge, then add water for American coffee or milk for a latte when I want to drink or serve it.