My boyfriend has been using Aeropress for years, but he doesn't always use the plunger; sometimes he just lets the coffee sit and drip through on its own, which takes a long time. Is the press part only for speeding up the process, or does it actually change the flavor of the coffee (or add more or less acidity or something?) I used to know where the original instructions were and thought it did say what the purpose of the press is, but I can't find the paperwork. Could you please settle this question so we can stop arguing and get back to enjoying coffee? Thanks so much! – From Lisa H.

First let me say that if you ever want to read or download the instructions for an AeroPress coffee maker you can do so on our website, Your boyfriend is using his AeroPress as a pour over brewer, depending on gravity to push the hot water through the coffee grounds. A pour over brewer makes good coffee but an AeroPress makes even better coffee because the pressure accelerates the brewing process shortens the wet time, yielding a smoother brew. It was my desire to try shorter wet time that led me to try air pressure. When I first tasted the result I was amazed and delighted by how smooth it tasted. It was the smoothest brew I had ever tried.