I love you Product and have bought 3 for myself (home, Office, Cottage) given many as gifts and evangelized countless others. My issue is that your firm cannot be bothered to have a competitive Canadian Shipping policy and rate. To buy a $3.50 USD replacement plunger cap added $8.52 USD in shipping vs $4.02 in shipping to Grand Forks, ND less than an hour over the border. I have bought many item From US companies and the ones who are interested in Canadian customers, find that is is possible to ship to Canada for a 20 to 30 % premium, esp when you factor in the advantages of the US currency over the Canadian dollar. Please consider using a Canadian distribution point and make your products more affordable and sustainable in my country. Thank you for your assistance on this file. – From Gord G.

As you know the high cost of shipping items purchased on our website to Canada is because shipping across the border is expensive. This is particularly onerous when the item being shipped is an inexpensive replacement part. We do not have a location in Canada but our importer/wholesale distributor in Canada, the B.Y. Group, sells AeroPress replacement parts. Contact them by calling 1-800-363-9191 or 1-416-391-3780.