I love my AeroPress! I have been using it for the past 2+ years and find it makes the best cup of coffee, hands down. However I increasingly have become concerned with my exposure to environmental toxins, plastics in this case specifically. I would the Aeropress company to weigh in on the issue. Bisphenol A found in plastics is an environmental toxin and like all things in small minute amount they may not be overly concerning, but with daily – often twice daily – use of plastic that is exposed to boiling hot water, this may be concerning. Have there been any studies done on this with the product? Do you know anything as it relates to the Aeropress? I look forward to hearing back from you. – From Sofia W.

The materials we use in the manufacture of AeroPress coffee makers do not contain Bisphenol A but to generally answer your question AeroPress is very careful to only use materials in the manufacture of AeroPress coffee makers that are approved by the United States FDA, the EU, and other government agencies that oversee food preparation safety.