I just bought an Aeropress and have used it several times; still experimenting with what works best. I've used two spoonfuls from the plastic spoon that came with a 4-cup drip coffeemaker I used previously. I use a fine to medium grind, and notice that after pouring in the hot water in the cylinder, I can leave it alone and do my other breakfast preparation (about 3-4 minutes), and when I come back to the Aeropress, the water has completely drained into the coffee mug below, so I don't need to use the plunger. However, I notice the coffee is weaker. I think the water is seeping through too quickly. If there was more dwell time like in the drip coffee maker cup filter, it might make for a richer coffee. I wonder if you can make the plastic filter with smaller or fewer holes, so the coffee grind can interact with the water a little longer. – From Leslie O.

Our scoop is much larger than the spoon that comes with most drip makers. The seep-through rate is determined by the fineness of grind and the amount of grind, not the perforated cap.

Try two of our scoop and a fine grind to get a rich brew.

Extending the time to 3-4 minutes as you describe will result in a more bitter brew. The object of the air pressure is to shorten the wet time to reduce bitterness. You should notice the sweeter result from pressing according to our instructions.