I am another vote in favor of a reusable filter, taste tests notwithstanding. (Also, my cholesterol is great, so that is not a factor for me.) I love the idea of the aeropress, but I won't buy a coffee maker that requires consumable filters. I think there would be good demand for a reusable filter. If you charge a decent amount for it, and include the caveats that you are concerned about, I've no doubt that you'd get more sales. Then if people didn't like the taste, they could eat their words and buy paper. In fact, I might even buy a set of paper filters — I just don't want to be dependent on them. Wouldn't that be a win-win? Thanks for your work! – From Kimi I.

Superior taste and better for your health are compelling reasons in our view to stick with selling only paper AeroPress filters. Research shows that even people with low cholesterol benefit from avoiding the approximately 10% jump caused by drinking metal filtered coffee.