Hi Alan. We have been using Aeropress for years. There is nothing better! Our coffee roaster suggested your coffee maker. Sometime after we had been using the Aeropress , the plunger wore out and when I called, it was suggested that I not store the plunger inside the cylinder. I changed and all is well for these last few years. Now, I am thinking of an Aeropress organizer. However, it appears that the two cylinders are stored intact. So, I read all of you many answers and found out I just need to push the rubber end through the opening! Do you think an organizer will do the job? Do you have a favorite? I have a couple of quirky comments. When I make my wife's one and only cup of the day, she likes 3 scoops. Sometimes that amount pushes slowly and you are correct to be patient. Sometimes, I slowly rotate back and forth as I push. I also put a dash of water on the filter after placement and before I put the cylinder in. It seems to ensure that the filter adheres completely. Thanks again for your great product. – From Ray S.

Hi Ray, Thanks for your message. If you grind at home, set the grinder coarser for 3 scoops. Alan