Hi Alan, The original Aeropress came in a clear color which made determining the grounds and water fill much easier. My eyesight is terrible and I have found over the years as I have purchased newer iterations, the Aeropress has become less and less transparent making it much more difficult for me to judge how far I have filled. Can you please go back to a clear plastic combination for us old timers that can barely see as it is? Thank you! – Aaron R.

Please visit our “Evolution of Materials” (https://aeropress.com/use-it-now/evolution-of-aeropress/) page in this website for our explanation of the evolution of materials used in the manufacture of AeroPress coffee makers. There were good reasons for each of the changes and the material currently being used makes the best AeroPress ever. To aid with seeing the water fill level in your AeroPress, please try viewing down into the AeroPress chamber as opposed to from the side. That's much easier.