Hi Alan, thank you for this amazing product! After using the Aeropress my wife and I just don't use our expensive Gevi coffee maker anymore because the aeropress just makes better coffee. However we both like our coffee brewed and the aeropress can really only make one great cup of coffee at a time which means I have to go over the process twice. Have you ever considered making a bigger 2-cup brew version for "couples" so to speak! I would be the first to buy! Thanks for your consideration, Mike – From Mike D.

Thank you for your question. I brew three cups often. The instructions are: 3 scoops of grind (use ordinary drip grind), then fill water to [3] on the chamber, stir and press. Dilute the pressing, which is espresso strength with water to make 3 cups of American coffee, or with milk to make 3 lattes.