Hi Alan, Is that really you Alan? I'm actually amazed if it is you, and I'm very delighted to speak (email) you! Alan – I'm living here in the UK and originally from Australia, which I believe still has the best coffee. So during lockdown here in the UK, I have been slowly introducing my friends to Aeropress given that the convenience of going to the cafes is not great. What's become obvious to them is that store bought coffee in the UK is terrible. It's like brown tasteless water with a hint of burn ash. They only noticed this when I started to show them my Aeropress how easy and how tasty coffee can be. You can thank me for basically advertising your product to my friends and getting you more than 5 extra sales haha! What's become apparent though is that some of my friends simply don't like the look of your product. It's plain and not sexy at all. Can you please have a think about doing different colours, and adding some style to your product? I know a lot of people who would be interested only if the product was nice to look at. If you do read this and realise how great my idea is, please feel free to send me a free demo product as a reward for this great business idea! You'll get extra cash in the pocket and I'll get a nicer looking aeropress :) Look forward to hearing back from you! Thanks Alan! p.s. I'm being a bit cheeky here, but genuinely think it's a great idea based off the feedback I've been getting while trying to advertise for you! p.p.s I wish you good health. Things in America and Coronavirus doesn't look great! – From Tom K.

Thank you for your question and yes this is me (Alan). I enjoy answering people’s questions about the AeroPress. Your suggestion to improve the look of the AeroPress is one we often hear. We just as often hear from fans on the other side who like the techy purely functional look. We consider changes like offering different colors from time to time but you need to be aware that when this is done, it adds great complexity to distribution. However, I sincerely appreciate your kind words. Feedback like yours is an aging inventor's reward.