Hi Alan, I’m buying an AeroPress ‘original’ as a gift for a friend who works on a cargo ship as an electrician. The UK AeroPress website sells a 26 oz Mizu A8 bottle and claim you can press directly into the 1.5” opening at the mouth of the bottle 1) This may or may not be meant exclusively for the GO version – I don’t know if there is a diameter difference at the filter cap between the versions 2) Next, I wonder (to simplify on the on-ship brewing temperature management) -could he brew 3 scoops with room temp water, fill to the level 3 mark and press the concentrate directly into the Mizu A8 thermos according to cold water brewing instructions. And then dilute with a boiling water dispenser in the galley? Given that the thermos has a 26oz capacity, he could fill it to approximately 24 oz and be good to go? 3) personally I weigh all my dosing but is it correct to say that for a manual grinder with minimal retention that 1 rounded scoop of roasted whole beans = 1 rounded scoop of ground coffee? – From Steve L.

The AeroPress and the AeroPress Go will both press into a mug with a minimum opening diameter of 2.75”. Yes you can certainly brew a cold brew concentrate and then add boiling water to make it hot. You will need to experiment with ratios to reach your desired drinking temperature. Yes, one scoop of beans equals about one scoop of the beans ground.