Hi Alan, Hope your well. Thanks to you, and your team, for being so dedicated to one amazing product. It certainly proves that it's better to focus on doing one product well than pushing out new items for the sake of it. I was wondering, what is the average life expectancy of the new silicone seal? since it won't be as severely affected by coffee oils like the previous rubber one. I know this is hard to answer as everyone's usage will be entirely different and grind / origin will also play a part but I assume some testing was done and showed a increased life expectancy of x% ? Please keep up the amazing work and I hope you and the team still get as much enjoyment from what you do as those who use the aeropress each and every day of which I am one voice amongst millions. Kind regards, Kenny – From Kenny P.

Kenny, thank you for your kind words. I truly enjoy hearing about your enjoyment of our product. We don’t have an increased life expectancy number for our change to a silicone seal but we are quite confident it is substantial.