First of all, I want to thank you for inventing such an amazing coffee brewer..! I immediately fell in love with this as soon as I taste iced latte made by aeropress. I usually drink iced latte and very picky about it haha. But aeropress made me surprised by the genuine taste of esspresso!! I always use specific milk(oatly) and 2 espresso shots, and here is my question. If I want to make strong 2 shots, how many scoops of coffee bean should I put? And until what level (1,2,3) should I pour water? I tried several ways but not sure what is the best. I hope to hear from you soon!!! – From Suran L.

I make myself a "double-latte" every morning. I press two heaping scoops of coffee with water to between numbers 2 and 3. Then I top off the mug with about 6 oz of whole milk. Sometimes I drink it cool, other times I heat it for 45 seconds in our microwave. But really there's no "best" way. Whatever you like is best for you.