First, I love the Aeropress! I have had mine for years, so long in fact, the address for the Aeropress is just "" on the box. I never knew you made those flying toys… amazing transition to a coffee maker. I did find you after a google search. So here is my weird question…I have carpal tunnel fiascos in both of my wrists and because of that I have a hard time making coffee especially in the mornings when my entire arms ache and most of my hand and forearm are numb. I should have never spent years doing pottery, it wrecked my wrists. Anyway, I read your answer to the arthritis question and was hoping that there was another way to press down on the Aeropress. I tried with my chin but that usually makes it unsteady and it falls toward me. Any other suggestions would be wonderful. I miss not having my coffee every morning. Thanks! – From Karla T.

Thank you for your question. Your carpal tunnel sounds very painful. Have you tried my favorite rest your forearm on the plunger method? Note that I just rest my forearm on the plunger and the weight of my arm presses the plunger down slowly. It will take about one minute. I think you will find it works.