First a few comments – I've been using Aeropress for over 10 years, since a roaster friend of mine in Paris told me – either spend 1,200 euro for a good espresso machine, or buy an Aeropress. Hmmm. Haven't looked back. I use a hand grinder (just switched today to a 1ZPresso mini that also fits into the barrel. Also, I find a 6 grams of water for 1 gram of coffee ratio to work out really well. If I do over 25 grams, I add a few grams of water. I'm also an inverted brewer – I like keeping all the water in the device until I'm ready to push it out. My question is – are there any "hacks" from the community of users that you've adopted yourself? Any favorites that you found improved things? – From Ted M.

Users invented the inverted method. I think it began with Scott Marquardt in Chicago. I resort to that rarely when I have some coffee that was ground too coarse. But I don't steep because that increases bitterness. I just stir and immediately twist on the cap and filter, revert and press.

If your grind is between espresso and drip, the normal method works great. The tiny amount of brew that drips before you press has no perceivable effect on flavor or richness. I use the normal method every day.