Do you recommend Aeropress Go for home use as well? My current Aeropress numbers are not as visible anymore and seal leaks air sometimes when pressing I'm considering replacing it with Aeropress Go. My Aeropress is my favorite device I have ever owned. Thank you, Allan. – From Jim M.

Certainly the AeroPress Go will work fine in your home. The AeroPress Go is a somewhat smaller AeroPress that includes a cup and lid for use for pressing and drinking and also as a carrying case when on he go.

I am sorry the numbers on your chamber are not as visible anymore. You can mark the outside of your chamber with a Sharpie pen.

Your seal leaking is an indication that your seal is worn. You don’t need to buy a new AeroPress. Just buy an inexpensive replacement seal on our website, Thank you for being such a fan of the AeroPress.